230V 4200W TPO Waterproof Coil Hot Air Welding Machine Roof



230V 4200W TPO Waterproof Coil Hot Air Welding Machine Roof PVC Edge Sealing Electric Fusion Welding Automatic Crawling Welder Membrane Edge Welding 40mm



  • [Introduction]: Name: Roof waterproof roll welding machine; Voltage: 230V; Power: 4200W; Heating temperature: 50-620 degrees Celsius; Motor: Brushed; Frequency: 50/60Hz; Welding speed: 1.0-10.0m/min; Weld width: 40mm; Overall weight: 38KG.
  • [Common application scope]: PVC/TPO roof waterproofing membrane edge welding.
  • [Advantages]: Control system: Advanced feedback intelligent digital control system, temperature and speed are displayed intuitively through LCD screen, with high control accuracy and strong protection function;
  • [Product packaging]: Each set includes: 230V welding machine, 120V heat gun, 120V heat element, roller, 40mm flat nozzle, anti scald plate, disassembly tool, copper brush, spare gun core, and instruction manual. Packaging size: 620 * 415 * 350mm, packaging weight: 52.8Kg.
  • [Warranty]: One year warranty and please contact us for any problem!


Details: Description [Description]: Heating system: maximizes heat and air flow, with anti scald protection function, which can effectively resist the occurrence of bulging and ensure uniform and reliable welding seams. Pressure wheel structure: T-shaped cantilever head design and pressure adjustment mechanism, ensuring balanced pressure between the left and right weld beads, uniform welding seams, and adjustable welding pressure without interruption; The special steel pressure wheel has strong pressing force, does not slip, and is durable.


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