Aston tire changer wheel balancer combo 2.0HP stronger motor bead balster 28


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Aston®  Tire Changer ATC-5800A

* 2.0 Horse Power Strong Motor

    * Bead Blaster Underneath 

    * Dual Assist Arm

    * Inner Rim: 14?~28?

    * Outer Rim: 12?~26?

    * Maximum Tire Diameter: 46?

  •     Double-wear resist scribing’s makes wheel clamps move more fluently. The limited
    block avoids scratching wheels and can fix the position for tires on the
    wheel clamps automatically. 
  • Uses one cylinder to support both the right and left assist arms at the same
    time. Easy to operate and improves the working rate. 
  • Three points press the tires together with the helper, making it easier to change the tire and improves the working rate. 
  • The186-steel cylinder that operates the blade makes the pressure of the
    bead breaker more powerful. It also works and lasts a very long time.
    (over 600 thousand times of use) 
  • Theshape, the angle, the material and the structure of the working head
    makes it exceptionally easier to change the run-flat tires without
    damaging the wheels or rims. 
  • High power motor with low noise improved the working efficiency significantly
  • The bead breaker, the claws, the working head and the crowbar are all
    equipped with embedded plastic covers, protecting the rim from damaging
    and sliding.
  •                ·     Stronger and stable structural design for the assist arms



???Specs Specs
Outer rim 12??26?
Inner rim 14??28?
Maximum tire diameter 46?/1160mm
Maximum tire width 17?/425mm
Pressing force (10bar) 5731 lbs. (2600kg)
Operating air pressure 8bar?10bar?116?145psi?
Maximum charge pressure 3.5bar?50psi?
Power supply voltage 120V1ph/220V 1ph?380V 3ph
Motor power 1.5kw
Outline dimension 968×992×1800
Net weight 595 lbs. (270kg)
Working state noise ?70dB?A?