GoldenEar ForceField3 Subwoofer




GoldenEar ForceField3 Subwoofer

The ForceField Subwoofers’ unique and attractive cabinet shape, with its non-parallel cabinet walls (the top is narrower than the bottom when viewed from the front), helps the ForceField subs achieve extraordinarily deep and tuneful bass that is ideal for music and movies. Their cutting-edge amplifier design employs state-of-the-art DSP control for frequency shaping so the subwoofer produces accurate, consistent, and musical bass performance.

Product Details:

  • Series ForceField
  • Weight 26.00 lbs
  • Features Amp Built In, Passive Radiator Box Design
  • Product Manual Download
  • Spec Sheet Download
  • Amp Power Output 1000 watt ForceField Digital Amplifier
  • Drivers One – 8˝ Long-Throw High-Output Bass Driver
  • One – 9˝ x 11˝ Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator
  • Frequency Response 18 Hz – 250 Hz


The Technology Behind The Design

Many of today’s subwoofers fall into either the ultra-compact high-output category or the (larger) high performance, extended response, high-output category. These two design types tend to offer different performance benefits, the ultra-compact having the ability to play extremely loud, but over a narrower bandwidth and the large subs having this high output plus more extended response.

GoldenEar’s engineering team set out to accomplish the best of both worlds with the new ForceField subwoofers: small size, yet with the smooth & wide response of a larger sub. There’s no sleight of hand, just great engineering – all ForceField subwoofers share the same technologies, here is a list of their features. Read through these and then take a good demo disc into your GoldenEar dealer’s sound room and listen for yourself.