Martin X Series Special 0-Style Concert Acoustic Guitar, Koa


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Martin’s X Series Special 0-Style Concert Acoustic Guitar features a concert body shape, referred to as “0” in Martin terminology. This design offers a compact size while maintaining the full-fledged Martin tonal profile. The guitar incorporates cutting-edge materials designed for sustainability, durability, and tonal excellence.

The body of the guitar is constructed with HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), presenting a beautiful figured-koa-patterned exterior that combines classic Martin elegance with modern, eco-conscious technology. This material excels against temperature and humidity changes, making it ideal for musicians on the go who want to avoid constant intonation issues. Additionally, HPL maintains the balanced and clear tone characteristic of traditional small-bodied Martins.

The neck of the guitar is constructed from natural birch laminate and features a Fingerboard made of Richlite, a sustainable material manufactured from recycled paper and phenolic resin. The High-Performance Taper profile of the neck is most evident in the fingerboard width, starting at 1-3/4” at the nut and narrowing to 2-1/8” at the 12th fret. This design, compared to traditional 1-3/4” Martin necks at the 12th fret, makes the fingerboard slightly more accessible as players move up the neck. The fingerboard also hosts 28 style Dots inlays.

Richlite, with sonic characteristics resembling a blend of rosewood and ebony, also remains largely unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, requiring minimal maintenance. The bridge is also made of Richlite, contributing to the guitar’s resonant projection, along with a white Corian nut and saddle. The Ping Chrome tuning machines with an 18:1 ratio provide a sleek, modern focal point for the guitar’s headstock.

For environmentally conscious musicians, Martin’s X Series Special 0-Style Concert Acoustic Guitar is a display of the company’s commitment to sustainability through the use of eco-friendly materials, including FSC-certified Richlite and HPL.

  • Compact “0” body shape
  • HPL body with figured-koa-patterned exterior
  • Natural birch laminate neck and sustainable Richlite Fingerboard.
  • High-Performance Taper profile neck.
  • 28 style Dots inlays on Richlite Fingerboard.
  • Resilient against temperature and humidity changes.
  • Richlite bridge, white Corian nut and saddle.
  • Ping Chrome tuning machines with 18:1 ratio for precision.


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