Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter Automatic Triple Tracker Distortion Effect Pedal


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New from the mind blowers at Old Blood Noise Endeavors is the Beam Splitter. This pedal incorporates three separate overdrive voicings, time-based functionalities, and signal routing options to make for a single stompbox to go beyond the capabilities of double tracking a single instrument.

The Beam Splitter features a hard clipping distortion, soft clipping overdrive, and transistor drive. Drives can be summed to a single output or run as separate signals. The soft clipping and transistor drives each feature 0-125ms delay circuits, with controls for Time and Decay. Players can manipulate the times and feedback levels of either delay, with intensely filtered or trailing delay sounds possible depending on the position of either Time knob.

The Deviate knob randomly varies delay time, allowing for a more natural doubling-like response. This function can also be manipulated via expression output.

It results in a pedal going far beyond standard doubling effects, with players able to achieve triple tracking effects in a signature off-the-wall fashion that only Old Blood Noise Endeavors can deliver.

The Beam Splitter is powered by standard center negative 9v power and also features soft-touch relay bypass switching.

  • Hard Clipping Distortion, Soft Clipping Overdrive, and Transistor Drive
  • Soft Clipping and Transistor Drive Each Feature Delay Controls
  • Delay Times Range from 0-125ms
  • Decay Controls Alter Filtering or Trailing Delays Depending on Delay Time
  • Deviate Control Randomly Varies Delay Time
  • Individual Signal Path Outputs or Summed Mono Out
  • Standard 9V DC Power and Soft Touch Relay Bypass Switching


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