Open Box: Boss SDE-3000EVH Dual Digital Delay Pedal


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The Boss SDE-3000EVH Dual Digital Delay Pedal an authentic recreation of the stereo delays at the heart of Eddie van Halen’s massive three-cabinet live stage guitar sound. Based on the vintage Roland SDE-3000 rackmount delay, this powerhouse processor puts two fully featured SDE-3000s in one floor-based pedal, coupled with extensive connectivity to build a wet/dry/wet rig just like Eddie’s. You also get eight presets curated by EVH with the exact settings from his actual delay units, allowing you to experience the master’s expansive spatial delay tone in your own setup.

Eddie Van Halen and the SDE-3000

Eddie Van Halen is one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time, and his effortless musicality, spirited performances, and otherworldly techniques will continue to inspire players for generations to come. Eddie’s amazing tone is equally legendary, and he continually refined his amplifier and effect choices throughout his career to achieve the very best sound possible.

EVH and BOSS Unite to Create the SDE-3000EVH

EVH carries on Eddie’s legacy, sharing his visionary ideas for guitar gear with musicians around the world. A few years ago, EVH and BOSS began discussing the idea of bringing the legend’s distinctive approach with the vintage SDE-3000s to everyone.
EVH and BOSS worked closely in the development of the SDE-3000EVH to ensure it delivers Eddie’s personal delay tone with complete authenticity. We prepared many test units for the EVH team, which were meticulously compared with the guitarist’s settings and sounds at his famous 5150 recording studio. 

Vintage Delay Reborn

In contrast with the clear, precise tones of other digital delays in the 1980s, the SDE-3000 stood out from the crowd with its beautiful warm sound and inviting musicality. This was the result of clever and complex internal digital processing coupled with nonlinear behaviors from the supporting analog circuitry. These behaviors included variable frequency response in the preamp based on input gain, magnetic saturation in the anti-alias filter, and evolving modulation produced by the components of the time.

Two SDE-3000s in One Pedal

The SDE-3000EVH provides two discrete delays with independent parameters and mono or stereo modulation on each. Run the delays in parallel and pan them for ever-evolving stereo colors. Or chain them in series to create complex rhythms and reverb-like depth. And along with the EVH wet/dry/wet configuration, the flexible I/O supports a variety of mono and stereo setups. 

Modern Compact Power

With its pedal-based design and expanded control options, the SDE-3000EVH offers much greater versatility than its rackmount inspiration. Three onboard footswitches provide instant control of memory selection, tap tempo, delay hold, momentary effect engagement, and more.

Open box is like new condition furthermore Open box is covered by the full manufacturer warranty.

Product Specifications:

Pedal Type: Delay

Analog/Digital: Digital

Presets: 100 x User

Effects: Delay

Max Delay Time: 3000ms

Tap Tempo: Yes

Other I/O: 2 x 1/4″ (control/expression)

USB: 1 x USB-C

Power Source: Roland PSB-1U power supply (included)

Power Usage: 450mA

Height: 2.12″

Width: 7.87″

Depth: 5.37″

Weight: 2.4 lbs.


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