Toro Timemaster 30 in. Personal Pace Self-Propelled GAS Lawn Mower



The Toro TimeMaster is a powerful and efficient lawn mower that is perfect for homeowners with large yards. It features a 30-inch cutting deck that can mow a wider path on each pass, saving you time and effort. The mower is also equipped with a powerful Briggs and Stratton OHV engine that provides plenty of power to handle even the thickest grass.

The TimeMaster also features a Personal Pace self-propelled drive system that automatically adjusts the mower’s speed to your walking pace. This makes it easy to mow your lawn without having to exert too much effort. The mower also has a 2-point height-of-cut adjustment that allows you to customize the cutting height to your liking.

Other features of the Toro TimeMaster include a large 2.5-bushel grass bag, a Spin-Stop blade stop system, and a traction assist handle. The grass bag is easy to empty and the blade stop system makes it safe to change the blades. The traction assist handle helps you maintain control of the mower on uneven terrain.

Overall, the Toro TimeMaster is a great choice for homeowners with large yards who want a powerful and efficient lawn mower. It is easy to use and maintain, and it will help you keep your lawn looking its best.

Here are some additional details about the Toro TimeMaster:

  • Cutting width: 30 inches
  • Engine: Briggs and Stratton 223cc OHV engine
  • Self-propelled drive: Personal Pace
  • Cutting height range: 1.25-4.25 inches
  • Grass bag capacity: 2.5 bushels
  • Blade stop system: Spin-Stop
  • Traction assist handle: Yes


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