Westcott Strobelite 2-Light Softbox/Umbrella Kit


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The Westcott Educational Strobelite 2 Light Kit is a great core system for products or portraiture. The kit is built around the Strobelite flash head. This lightweight head is made of tough polycarbonate and features short flash durations and full power recycling is 2.5 seconds. Power is variable from full to 1/4 power. The kit comes with two 6.5′ light stands a 24 x 24″ softbox, reflectors, power cords, flash tubes, sync cords, an educational lighting DVD and 100W modeling lamps.

Optical Slave

Built-in optical slave “sees” the light fired from other strobes, fires the unit instantly.


Polycarbonate housing – each monolight weighs less than 4.0 lb.

Umbrella, Softbox

38″ white umbrella softens the light for more pleasing portraits. 24 x 24″ softbox is ideal for people and products.

Light Stands

Support the monolights to a maximum height of 6.5′ (2.3 m)